Owners Profile


Who we are:

Mark and I are both retired and live in Merrill, 15 minutes south of the cabin. We spend much of our summer at the lake with our golden retrievers, Kiva (a school therapy dog) & Tucker (working on his certification).  Participating in a shoreline restoration project on our lakefront property which is the first of its kind in Lincoln County was a great learning experience dovetailing with our philosophy of environmental sustainability and protection.

Why we love this vacation property:

Knight Lake has provided a wonderful gathering space for friends and family. Some of our most precious memories of time with our kids are centered here, including story telling around the campfire, graduation parties and 4th of July celebrations, lovely hikes through the woods and family bike rides on back roads to the Mennonite store in Gleason for an ice cream cone or old fashioned bulk candies.

There’s a unique tradition at Knight lake started by the old timers, to make a homemade barrel raft into a floating dock extension. These rafts can be unhooked from the dock and used like a pontoon platform to fish or swim from in the middle of the lake.  In the old days several neighbors hooked up their trolling motors and “raced” them across the lake on the 4th of July providing memorable entertainment.  We occasionally enjoy an afternoon card game or picnic in the middle of the lake.

With only 2 year round residents and 8 summer cabins on our dead end road, we often feel like we have the lake to ourselves.  The west side of the lake is completely undeveloped with no road access and provides gorgeous views from every cabin.  There’s a marsh at one end and a creek flows in through the woods from the other end.  Formed by glacial activity, surrounded by woods and spring fed, the lake is protected from chemical run-off.  Gas motors are not allowed, so the lake remains healthy and good for swimming all through the summer.

Why we share this place:  Our goal has been to preserve the quality of the peaceful environment of this precious and dwindling resource and to share it with others looking for this kind of experience.  We believe it is a gift from heaven with amazing healing possibilities. The friendly spirit and support of our neighbors and friends has made this dream possible.